Welcome to Awake Women’s Playshops! Click here if ready to claim one of Circle’s 15 seats.


Welcome hOMe! You’re aware that you are essentially consciousness. Much inner work has been
completed. Now, you attend to your heartmind’s evolution — open to Love’s alchemizing Grace.


Presence guides your one-of-a-kind humanness. With accelerated awakening on Mother Earth – while
collective unconscious acts out on a global stage — being in conscious community becomes vital. Mini-
retreats among awake Others offers a soul-balm — a refreshing pause. Awake Women’s Playshops offer
this pause — within interactive discovery exercises. Abiding in silence is honored.


Here, ‘Love’ — is universal love. Nisargadatta’s words help us clarify: “When I look inside and see that I
am nothing—this is Wisdom. When I look out and see that I am everything—this is Love.” Whether or
not you’ve experienced Love’s Oneness — you embrace its ultimate Truth. In Living Presence we’ll
metaphorically dance with invoking practices. Free dance if it spontaneously arises! Each woman makes
facilitated practices her own. Exploration and embodiment of your deep knowing — in a confidential
reverent environment — is the invitation.


Spirit guides us through Antoinette Levine, an exceptional Way of Council - facilitator. Who also expresses as an inspirational author speaker spiritual mentor. Testimony from her former town’s
Adyashanti study group co-organizer—community leader Cathleen Lynch, describes what you can count on: “Antoinette brings wise heart-centered presence to group facilitations. Energizes inclusiveness –demonstrates qualities of love and acceptance from their deepest realms.”




For your $30 - $45. sliding scale seat click here. Have a Fair Trade offering? Undecided and want more info? Email Antoinette at: am.levine37@gmail.com.

Gathering is being held at SPOKE Yoga, Vashon, WA.

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